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About Next World

​多くの外国人が在住する都市、東京。その中でも最も多くの外国人が住む街、新宿から未来に向けた一歩を踏み出すべく、設立された「NEXT WORLD」


日本人も外国人​もさらなる交流、そして共存を求めているのに、どうしてよいかわからない。そんな課題を”Lead & Believe"の精神で一緒に解決しましょう!

About Next World

Tokyo is a highly international city. The Shinjuku area especially has the highest share of international residents, with 1 in 8 people living here having an international background. Under younger people it’s even up to half. NEXT WORLD is a community group created with the goal to start a more internationally integrated future from Shinjuku.

Did you know that over half of all international residents in Japan say they “want to interact more with Japanese but don’t know how”, or that there is “not enough opportunity to take a first step” ? While both Japanese and International residents want to communicate more with each other, not enough communication is actually happening in our communities right now, due to lack of opportunity and knowledge of “how”.

We want to help solve this challenge together.

In cooperation with:

  • Junior Chamber International Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward Commission

Communicate information for international residents to participate in local communities

Introduce international residents to local groups and businesses

Support accepting international residents

Organize event in harmony with SDGs goals

​Our passion

【Encounter with an exchange student】

At the end of my first year in university, I met Spencer, an 18-year-old from Utah in the U.S., who was visiting Japan during his spring break. He was planning to participate in language training for 2 months, organized by a language school. When he arrived, he could just read Hiragana. We went out together a few times during the first two weeks and became friends.

But, out of the blue, in the third week, I got a message from Spencer, that he’d be returning to the U.S. the next day : 

So like I'm actually heading back to America tomorrow cause I've discovered that I'm just far too depressed  to be in a different country that I can't speak the language and have almost on friends and without people who really care about me so if you don't​ have other shit going on already do you wanna get drunk with me tonight..? Haha

I canceled all my plans and scrambled to meet him. But I could not change his mind.

The only thing I achieved was, to know more about his miserable situation. With his height, he could not completely stretch in the bed of his dormitory and had sleeping problems. Also there were no Japanese in his dorm and most of the people living there were French, not speaking much English. He could not talk much with anybody and was spending most time alone and lonely in his room.


I thought to myself. Can this be OK?  I had become a friend of Spencer, but I wasn’t somebody “who really care about me” to him. I was so angry at myself. 

He was interested in Japan and had come all the way. But I had not been able to help him with his struggles or even notice them. I felt truly sorry.  I could not allow myself to be like this.

That is when I started to think about participation of foreigners in communities both from the view of a Japanese and a foreigner. We can’t let thigs be the way they are today.


Through the NEXT WORLD group, which was born through collaboration with Junior Chamber International Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward Commission, I would like to support more international residents to have a better life together.


  Keisuke Ishiguro, University Student

Sep 15 (Sat) : Local festival West Shinjuku

We participated in a local chapter of the traditional Kumano Shrine in Shinjuku. After visiting some chapters exhibition and had some local food, we helped carry one of the portable shrines in traditional costume and shoes. This is the real thing, so lots of muscle ache the next day

Sep 2 (Sun): Aikido Experience

Aikido is one of Japanese martial art that is practiced by the police and the military.  A local Aikido class invited us to watch and participate for free. First-timers welcome

Aug 26 (Sun): Local festival Nishi-Waseda

We carried the portable shrine of the Suwa community and help with routing traffic for children's safety

July 29 (Sat): Wanpaku Sumo (Elementary School children’s)                                Tournament. National Finals

Place: Ryogoku Kokugikan (Ryogoku  National Sumo Hall) 


We will helped with registration of children coming from all over the country and even some from abroad (Mongolia!)  and organized the tournament right next to the Dohyo (ring) .
Great chance to see behind the scenes of the official Sumo Hall.


About joining the group (free of charge)

By sending the form below, you will be registered with the Facebook group page of NEXT WORLD. We will regularly post information about community groups and business interested in international exchanges, announce events and share results of our activities. You are welcome to post as well. Please don’t hesitate to the first STEP to creating an more internationally integrated society for all people living here.